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Play and win on the Oz Lotto

Australia OZ Lotto

Since when has OZ Lotto existed?

Where can you play OZ Lotto?
You can play online or in Australia.

When and where draws are held?
Tuesday evenings in Australia.

How many numbers is random?
7 numbers in 45 In addition there are 2 numbers drawn, which have an impact on the smaller prizes.

What is the minimum accumulation (jackpot)?
2 000 000 Australian dollars.

The biggest win in history
$ 106,549,984.76 - two people poszieliƂy to win - from South Australia and Queensland.

Interesting facts
  • managed by Tattersall's Limited
  • in the region Tatts Lotto Oz called Super 7's Oz Lotto, while in Queensland called the 7's Oz Lotto.

More information about OZ Lotto

OZ Lotto Results
  2023-01-31   5-6-9-10-24-27-34   (13-26-39)
  2023-01-24   7-8-18-30-43-44-46   (9-10-32)
  2023-01-17   9-10-11-33-37-38-46   (21-24-32)
  2023-01-10   7-10-26-27-37-38-42   (33-34-47)
  2023-01-03   7-20-24-30-35-41-43   (17-19-40)
  2022-12-27   4-8-12-19-21-27-33   (7-16-24)
  2022-12-20   9-10-12-14-27-29-37   (31-40-47)
  2022-12-13   11-13-17-25-35-37-38   (14-23-42)
  2022-12-06   2-5-11-24-32-34-44   (20-39-46)
  2022-11-29   3-9-11-15-20-24-40   (26-28-45)

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