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UK Lotto via the Internet : ThePlayLotto 2023 - win up to 42 million Pounds

UK Lotto

When was UK Lotto founded?
1994 years

Where can you play UK Lotto?
In the UK or online anywhere in the world.

When and where draws are held?
Drawings are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the UK.

How many numbers is random?
6 numbers from 1 to 59 Additional number is drawn, which is taken into account in the smaller prizes.

How is the prize paid?
The flat form. Effective time of 180 days from the date of receiving the prize draw. Winnings are tax-free.

Interesting facts
  • the second is a popular name in LOTTO,
  • created by Camelot Group, and manages the National Lottery Commission
  • You can buy a plant using the lucky dip - our numbers are then drawn automatically
  • accumulation is increased by only 3 consecutive draws

More information about UK Lotto

UK Lotto Results
  2023-02-01   16-28-29-31-53-59   (34)
  2023-01-28   5-8-20-23-30-50   (25)
  2023-01-25   4-7-19-23-50-58   (8)
  2023-01-21   7-9-14-21-30-57   (18)
  2023-01-18   11-23-26-36-37-44   (53)
  2023-01-14   9-33-37-39-47-54   (24)
  2023-01-11   4-19-22-46-54-56   (21)
  2023-01-07   6-7-11-33-45-57   (18)
  2023-01-04   1-4-9-32-42-58   (26)
  2022-12-31   27-34-47-56-57-58   (19)

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